How do you make the most out of the least? Take some tips from us!

  1. Create zones:

    Especially when tackling your studio apartment. Creating zones establishes separate spaces for various activities like sleep, relaxation, eating and working.

  2. Make everything count;

    012109zone-01no piece of furniture should be there without a purpose. Let it earn its keep. If it doesn’t, put it into storage.

    Pro-tip: Use two small round tables instead of a coffee table. That way you can separate the
    tables if you need more space, and you won’t be burdened with a bulky coffee table.

    Pro-tip: Choose bigger but fewer furnishings. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you need small furniture. Pick out a select number of significant pieces, and then decorate your place with small accent items to create luxury for less.

  3. Visual calmness creates space.

    Force your eyes look up to create length by hanging pictures or artwork high on the wall. 5’10’’ is the standard eye level height, so bring some artwork up to 6’ or higher, and you’ll be amazed by how much higher your ceilings look. Also, bring in lots of natural light whenever possible to open up the space. Understandably so this can be hard in NYC, when most of our views are of another building, so use soft lighting to create that warmth. Pro-tip: If you have poor natural light, splurge on elegant soft light bulbs.

  4. Build in Built-ins.

    built in furniture; organizing

    The beauty of built-ins is, not only does it save you space, but you can make any built-in beautiful with some dimension in paint colors. By making the color of the back wall of each individual shelf a different color than that of your walls you will add an elegant yet fun detail to your home. A great feature of older NYC apartments is the character of built-ins you can find. For more style inspiration, check out these ideas.

  5. Use hallways.

    When working with a small space, use every square inch! Think hallways are a dead space? You aren’t thinking creatively enough. Use entryway benches, shelving and cubbies to create an entryway – sort of like a rustic mud room for all your coats, hats, shoes and other outdoor items. This will create depth in a narrow space like a hallway. Plus, more storage!

Got any other great space-saving ideas? Let us know!