Mighty Mutts Animal RescueWe’re proud to add Mighty Mutts Animal Rescue to the list of causes we support!

At Manhattan Mini Storage, we pride ourselves on valuing our employees input and giving back to the communities we operate in. Here’s a little snapshot of the way those goals come together.

A Manhattan Mini Storage General Manager, Dimitrios Papiris, adopted his dog Molly from Mighty Mutts, an all-volunteer, no-kill animal rescue program that provides food, shelter and medical treatment to New York City’s many stray dogs and cats. In addition to fostering and adopting out as many animals as they can handle, Mighty Mutts also undertakes nightly feeding routes to help nourish scores of strays on the streets. Pretty amazing organization, right?

Well, Dimitrios wanted to find a way to make their mission even easier for them to perform and so he came up with an idea that maybe we could do something to help. After all, we have been known to help out worthy causes in the past (Animal Haven and NY-Class). Well, Manhattan Mini Storage has never met a four-legged creature it didn’t love and so he was right on the money!

“We try to support causes close to our employee’s hearts, so when Dimitrios brought Mighty Mutts to our attention, we were thrilled to help out. It’s in our DNA to be do-gooders, and once you see pictures of the animals Mighty Mutts have helped, it’s impossible not to pitch in” says Manhattan Mini’s VP of Marketing, Stacy Stuart. The result? We’re proud to add Mighty Mutts Animal Rescue to the list of animal causes we donate space to! New York City strays have one more team in their corner.