Don’t have stuff enough to fill a whole storage unit?  Renovating or subletting your place and need a temporary storage solution and fast? Not into schlepping decorations, wardrobe, and seasonal stuff to and from a storage unit every time the weather changes? Well, we have a new program designed especially for YOU.

Introducing On Wheels by Manhattan Mini Storage, our new storage delivery service where we’ll pick up or return your stuff for free to and from your place. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call 212.STORAGE to schedule a free pick-up.
  2. Box your stuff that you want to store. (Need boxes? We’ll deliver them for free!)
  3. We pick up the boxes to store in one of our super secure facilities until you need them back.
  4. Need something back? Just call and we’ll deliver it to your door. No muss, no fuss.

With On Wheels, you can store as much or as little as you want. There is also no long-term commitment required – you can rent for as little as a month. Your rate is determined on the amount of space the stuff you store takes up. And with no hassle pick up and drop off, you won’t have to lug heavy boxes on the subway or pay for a taxi just to swap your winter clothes out for summery shorts come May.

How do you get started? Call 1-800-STORAGE (786-7243) to make arrangements and we’ll take it from there (literally!). Then look around and start thinking what you could do with all that closet space!

Because Storing Your Stuff Means Never Having To Leave Your Couch!