Manhattan Mini Storage; Seinfeld Guest Appearance


Perhaps some of you already know about Manhattan Mini Storage’s brief stint in the acting world in a  Seinfeld espisode , but it is high time for the truth to be revealed to all interested parties:

A long time ago, during the 144th episode of Seinfeld (aired on December 19th, 1996), Manhattan Mini Storage was the proud backdrop to the acting talents of Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards (aka Kramer).  Although the show was shot predominantly in Los Angeles, it still bears its intended New York City footprint, especially when the show’s cameras eyed Tom’s Restaurant on 112th St and Broadway in Manhattan for the setting of Monk’s Café , the place the cast always went to eat, talk, complain, and be hilarious.  And let’s be honest, would the show really be the same without that characteristic camera shot—and bass playing?  

The episode where Manhattan Mini Storage made it’s debute  is “The Andrea Doria”, and if you’re one of the many fans of this award winning show you might know just what that episode entails—but you may not remember just where Manhattan Mini Storage makes its proud appearance.

Newman was storing the mail he was supposed to deliver in his Manhattan Mini Storage unit because he didn’t get the transfer to Hawaii, which is allegedly the best postal route one can ask for (don’t know if this is true or if it was ever true).  Jerry and Kramer shared a Manhattan Mini Storage unit, but Kramer in turn shared his space with Newman, hence the irresponsibly and illegally stored mailbags.  As many fans know all too well, this scenario is just one of several in the episode, and the others are just as ridiculously funny as this one.

Isn’t it wonderful?  Granted, we here at Manhattan Mini Storage do not condone Newman’s actions nor would the federal government or any reasonable person, but it is still nonetheless hilarious and just plain awesome that a Manhattan Mini Storage location managed to get some airtime with these two gentlemen. 

Should Your Trusted Manhattan Mini Storage Units Again Try Their Hand In The Acting World?

We like to think that our Seinfeld appearance was successful.  Your trusted New York  City mini storage unit provider might have still more moments in the spotlight in the near future.  Keep your eyes open!

And one last thing…

If this little post has engaged your brain’s Seinfeld module, you’ll be happy to know that a very assiduous Seinfeld fan has taken the time create a map of New York City Seinfeld locations including the now famous, Manhattan Mini Storage Building though they have the address off; it’s actually the Manhattan Mini  Storage location at  543 West 43rd.  So if you have a day with absolutely nothing important planned, a good idea would be to go on a Seinfeld escapade.