Now that every couple in New York State has the equal right to marry, there’s been an explosion of couples getting hitched! And with the chimes of wedding bells comes the rattle of moving trucks.

Whether it’s for first time or 100th time, merging households can be a challenge for even the most organized of New York City couples. Here, we’ve created a checklist to help make the move a little easier!

moving in together checklistMoving In Together: The Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts

DO Keep Treasures. Let your new partner know what things really matter to you, so that you can agree on how to include them throughout your new home.

DO Make Rules. Sometimes it can be hard to define whether something stays or goes. Agreeing on rules, like “nothing fuchsia” or “only one tie rack” helps streamline organization.

DON’T Cram. Don’t try to fit two apartments into one. You don’t have to trash furniture if you have future plans for it, but consider putting extra items in storage to make everyone’s life easier.

DO Design Together. Don’t leave one person out of decisions – your new home has to feel comfortable for BOTH of you. Find color schemes and decors that work with everyone’s favorite sheet sets, shower curtains, and plateware.

DON’T Keep Duplicates. Evaluate duplicates of practical or functional items (think microwaves, television sets, ironing boards, etc.), and find the best of both worlds by keeping the newest or nicest versions.

moving in together checklist

New York’s latest newlyweds will soon be sorting through pairs of curling irons, subscriptions to Men’s Health, Gladiator DVDs, and an unbelievable number of scented candles. But with some space-saving organization help, it can be a breeze.

And if you just can’t fit it all, don’t fret! We’re giving away 3 months of free storage as a wedding present to all newlyweds! The extra space will help as you merge apartments, giving you a little extra breathing room to help make your new home spectacular. Give us a call at 212-STORAGE for details!