We hope your enjoying your Wednesday, MMS fans! Today’s new Manhattan Mini Storage ad is dedicated to those of you New Yorkers who have to contend with overly demanding or critical mothers. You know the kind we mean: You love her dearly, but every time she visits your apartment, she exclaims, “This place is a pigsty! And it always will be!”

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After we get your reviews, we’ll post some of our favorites on the blog! Here are recent comments we’ve received:

About our Grey Gardens ad, @jimshi809 on Twitter wrote: “Genius tag line!”

@nycitysweets was so excited about our Gay Marriage ad that she shared it with Ellen DeGeneres:

@TheEllenShow Saw Gay Marriage USAs photo near me NYC:Gay Marriage=Gay Registry=Gay Clutter @ManhattanMini they have THE BEST advertising!

@DorothySoprano was a fan of that one, as well, tweeting: Manhattan mini-storage ads are the BEST. http://instagram.com/p/YGOAtiFGIw/

Thanks, guys! We so appreciate your feedback!

And now, without further delay, here we go with Ad No. 6, entitled “Your Mother”: