Moving in New York City. The very words can induce chills and panic in even the most seasoned New Yorker. Because let’s get real: There’s no place to park a moving van or truck, traffic is a nightmare for most of the day (especially on side streets) and taxis aren’t too keen on picking up you, your futon, your fish tank and your prized collection of rare teddy bears. (For realz — people have them.)

Oh, and let’s not forget the cost.

But here’s the good news, and you should really listen up now, especially now that moving season is in full-swing:

New Storage Taxi 041014

Manhattan Mini Storage will move you for free.

What? Shut up! 

We won’t, because it’s true. When you rent storage at one of our 17 Manhattan locations, you get to take advantage our one-of-a-kind Free Storage Taxi.


What the hell is a Storage Taxi?

We’re glad you asked.

The Storage Taxi is an oversized minivan with no seats in the back. You can use the Storage Taxi to get a free ride for you and your belongings to your storage space. You can use it as often as you need to, subject to availability, and, once again, it’s FREE!

You can also use the Storage Taxi for your initial move-in, provided your items will fit in the van in a single trip.

This thing sounds awesome. How do I book it?

To book the Storage Taxi, call us at 800-STORAGE (786-7243) and select menu option 3.

Trips on the Storage Taxi are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and the service is (quite understandably) insanely popular with our guests, so you should call a few days in advance to book your trip… or a few weeks in advance during spring and summer seasons.

Also, we’ve recently redesigned our Storage Taxis and moving trucks, and now they’re emblazoned with the classic Manhattan Mini Storage ad lines that you guys always tell us you love the most (as you can see above).

Wait — moving trucks? What’s this about moving trucks?

Yes, for those larger hauls — like when you’re moving everything from a studio, one-bedroom apartment or bigger — we offer top-notch moving services in Manhattan. And get this — for many of our storage guests, the move is absolutely FREE!  Plus, we know what we’re doing when it comes to moving people in NYC. We’ve been at it for 15 years now, so our movers are experts when it comes to getting your belongings safely delivered to your Manhattan Mini Storage room. And of course we’re licensed, bonded and insured, so you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from choosing a partner you can trust. (Just ask the Better Business Bureau!)

So how do I find out more about this free move and schedule my moving day with Manhattan Mini Storage?

Just click here to get your free moving estimate. We’ll handle the rest.

So don’t delay — contact us 24/7 and find out how we can take care of all your moving and storage in New York City! And stop panicking; we got this.