New York City Apartment Rental: A Bit of Relief for Apartment Hunters

Once again, hard-working New Yorkers are getting a much deserved break in the realm of apartment rental.  For various reasons, New York City apartment prices-those in Manhattan, specifically-have decreased by as much as 10%.  And as anyone living in the area knows, Manhattan apartment rentals are no small investment and any deal that can be found or given is indeed a kind of diamond in the rough.  What’s particularly great is that landlords are making these deals because they are actively hunting for tenants instead of the other way around, and who can doubt that the former is the way it ought to be?

The Prices for these Manhattan Apartment Rentals-We Wouldn’t Forget This Part

We dare not skimp on the new apartment prices.  You can see the full spectrum (and maybe even find a new place) for yourself by taking a look at Manhattan apartment rental prices at NYC Dwellers or at Live in NYC, but some of the decreases are as follows.  One-bedroom apartments in buildings with a friendly doorman (or doormen) accompanying them checked in at about $3,274 per month,  while one-bedroom apartments in buildings without such personnel  averaged $2,606 per month.  Studio apartments in Manhattan also got a break; their average, including the doormen, is now $2,329 per month and, without the doormen, you can expect to pay around $1,931 monthly.  We’re making some progress with apartment rentals in New York!

Two-bedrooms are making headway as well, with their prices (with doormen in the buildings) at $5,161 a month and (without the doormen) $3,527 a month.  Shacking up with that special someone is now just a bit more doable with these Manhattan apartment rental prices, hopefully. 

Manhattan Apartment Rental Prices are looking good and should you be considering a new place…

During the moving process you may discover that you have a number of things that, well, are just taking up space and may not have to be included in the environment of your new locale.   We would be happy to take those items off your hands and bring them to one of our Manhattan storage facilities.  Everyone can use a man when they’re moving, right?