We were ecstatic this week to be included in New York Magazine’s famous Approval Matrix – along with the New York Legislature and NYC’s Pride parade. In fact, New York Magazine devoted a good amount of the grid to celebrating New York’s recently passed marriage equality legislation and related subjects; see if you can spot them all!

new york magazine approval matrix manhattan mini storage

We couldn’t be happier for all the New York couples getting married this summer. That’s why on July 24th, the first day that the new legislation for marriage equality takes effect, our Manhattan Mini Storage staff will be down at City Hall to congratulate them in person! We’ll be giving out flowers to newlyweds, taking photos and video, and – because combining households can often be a chaotic affair – offering 3 months of FREE storage to all same sex (and opposite sex) newlyweds!

Join us at City Hall on Sunday, July 24th for the first day the Marriage Equality Act takes effect and help us toast to all the new couples! Follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page for updates on this fun upcoming event.