A forest view of New Zealand

This could be the view from your bike!

It may be getting colder here in New York, but summer’s just getting into gear on the other side of the world — New Zealand’s summer months are December-March, making it the perfect winter Store n’ Split adventure destination! Get your bike out of storage, put the rest of your possessions in, and head to Middle Earth for an epic cycle tour through one of the most gorgeous landscapes you’ll ever see.

Mindblowing New Zealand Cycling Tour Destinations

• Take in the Scenery: Bike down the South Island’s West Coast, said to be one of the top 5 scenic road rides in the world with plenty of twists and turns. Feeling a little tired? Book a tour with a support vehicle to enjoy the ride without feeling like you’re working too hard.

• You know Ewe Want To: New Zealand is famous for having lots of the wooly ones and you’re bound to pass a few sheep farms during your tour. Stop by one in January and you’ll be able to see the ewe-shearing ritual in action.

• When You Deserve a Reward: Plan an extended rest stop at a one of NZ’s wineries – home of what Wine Spectator calls the “New World’s Utopia for Sauvignon Blanc.”

• Lord of the Rings Fan? Don’t fret my precious. Themed bike tours that will take you from Peter Jackson’s Lothlorien all the way to Mt. Doom –hobbit not included!

• Live Dangerously: New Zealand is at the southern tip of the Pacific Rim of Fire, and its North Island boasts several of its own active volcanoes. Make the ride from Auckland to see them all. Take a break to soothe any aching muscles in the neighboring geothermal hot springs.

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