Moving to the East Village neighborhood this Spring? Congratulations! This is one of the most vibrant packed to the brim with shopping, eating, nightlife, and more neighborhoods in the city. Here are our top five picks for things to do in the East Village:

What To Do in the East Village

  1. Visit the Vintage Shopping Mecca: If you are looking to update your seasonal wardrobe, there is no shortage of consignment shops here to poke through. Try Tokio7 for upscale designer duds by everyone from D&G to Marc, Search and Destroy for quirky tees, and Screaming Mimi’s for everything retro.

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  2. Experience the Momofoku Empire. Put your name in for the prix-fixe lottery at Ko, sample Asian-style burritos at Ssam Bar, and wait in line for a chance to slurp down some ramen at the original Noodle Bar.  Finish with salty sweet treats at the Milk Bar on 13th street.
  3. Get Out on Tenth Street. Whether it’s relaxing on the rooftop of the Russian Turkish Baths or taking five in Tompkins Square Park, enjoy the spring weather and the multitude of people-watching opportunities it presents.
  4. Stroll Down St Marks. Whether you’re visiting the church (built in 1799!), popping into one of the many pubs, or picking up a new pair of sunglasses from street vendors, Eighth Street offers plenty of options to entertain you.
  5. Have Borscht for Brunch. The can’t-miss Veselka Café on Second Avenue serves Ukrainian-style favorites (as well as more traditional breakfast fare for the eggs-and-bacon crowd) in the bohemian setting this neighborhood is well known for.

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