Just moved to the neighborhood and put your winter clothes into your Upper East Side storage unit? Then here’s five things to get out and do in your new surroundings!

What To Do in The Upper East Side

Slurp Down a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity: Sit among faux Tiffany lamps and Alice-in-Wonderland décor for something so delicious, you’ll get a brain freeze just remembering it the next day.  There’s usually a bit of a wait so head over before your stomach hits emergency empty.

Blow Your Budget at Bloomies: You have some extra room in your closet because just put your winter clothes into your Upper East Side storage unit right?  Stop by Bloomingdales, one of the oldest department stores in the city (est 1886) for a high-end stock-up-for-summer shopping spree.

Make a Trip Down Museum Mile: Along Central Park East sits some of the city’s most venerable instituions. Start at the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and work your way down the row, popping into the Whitney and The Guggenheim, before finishing at grande dame of them all: The Met.

Get Gourmet at Citarella: Unleash your inner foodie with a trip to Citarella market on Third Avenue, the former 1920s fish market that has a seafood selection unrivaled in this part of town. You can also pick up anything else you’ll need for a fancy feast, from perfectly puffed pastries to cured meats, and rare cheeses.

Push Your Buttons To a New Level: Unpacked your spring trenchcoat and realize “third down” is missing? Then head to Tender Buttons, the tiny East 62nd shop that is packed to the gills with unique ways to update any coat, blazor, or button down, of your choosing.

Looking for more New York City neighborhood guides? Check out more in our Newbie NYC section! And remember, if you just moved into the area and realized your new apartment won’t fit your couch, clothes, or cookware, we have an Upper East side storage unit that’s safe, close and convenient – not to mention the best rates in town. Give one of our storage advisors a call today at 212-Storage to see how we can help you maximize your Manhattan apartment space.