Did you ever see the Bravo TV show 9 by Design last summer? It followed the lives, and projects, of New York residents the Novogratz family. The parents, Bob and Cortney, are interior designers who transformed rundown or humdrum Big Apple lofts, penthouses, and hotels into amazing, artsy spaces filled with funky accents, bold colors, and well-placed furniture.  You can browse many of the projects they have done on their website:

In this edition of the Minimalist House Tour, we’re spotlighting the work they did in the living room of an apartment in Soho near Thompson Street. As you’ll note in the photo, the lesson here is: with wall to wall shelving, anything is possible.  Where else could you find one place to house so many items in a room without it becoming over-burdened with knickknacks and clutter? Looking closely, you can see the following has found a home on this built-in bookcase:

  • Books, naturally
  • Lamps
  • Framed Photos
  • Trophies
  • Souvenirs (See: conch shell second column from the right.)
  • Tools
  • Photo Albums
  • Blankets and Throws
  • A few items we can’t even identify!

The rest of the room is blessedly minimal with the brick walls left bare and a few pieces of furniture the only other adornments.  The result? An un-cluttered, un-stuffy living room that has all your favorite mementoes and reading material . The chairs might be vintage but we say that’s a great example of modern city living.

In your apartment, is every countertop topped? Every open space under siege by stuff? If you find yourself dreaming of coming home to a spare, serene living room instead of a domestic DMZ zone, we’re here to help. Read more Minimalist House Tour posts for the best in de-cluttered habitation.