It’s April and that means in a few short weeks, New York City college students will be cramming for their finals. Take one end-of-semester stress off your brain cells and set up your summer storage now. Not sure why you’ll need it? Here’s our top 10 reasons why!

Manhattan Mini Storage Countdown of the Top 10 Reasons Why New York City College Students Need Summer Storage


Number 10: Because it took you all semester to pass Physics.
By Physics, we mean “learning how to cram so much stuff into one miniscule dorm room.”

Number 9:  Because you saved all of those New School graduate show flyers.
And when everyone naturally goes on to a successful career as internationally known artist, you’re totally cashing in.

Number 8: Because Sheboygan ain’t ready for that jelly.
No matter how cool those spandex hot pants look strolling through the East Village, they won’t go over as well working your old summer job back at the ice cream parlor.

Number 7: Because “internship” sounds so much better in French.
And the only dishes you should be thinking about during your summer in Paris are the ones being put in front of you at the cafés on the boulevard Saint Germain.

Number 6: Because sirens in the suburbs are much less frequent.
But you’ll need all that soundproofing equipment again in the fall.

Number 5: Because you had to take that sublet in the Chelsea Hotel!
All of the accumulated bohemian memorabilia in the sublet means you’ll have great stories, even if all you can bring with you is your toothbrush and a set of fresh clothes.

Number 4: Because you took three courses in English Literature.
And either someone is going need those books next semester or else you might just open your own independent bookstore.

Number 3: Because, oh, those Summer Nights…
Don’t let any mementos from a campus romance interrupt your chances for a summer fling.

Number 2: Because you totally dominated at “Thumbmaster”
And you saved a beer can from each game you won which someday you plan to turn into a sculpture to your own awesomeness.


Number 1: Because you told Mom and Dad that their little angel needed more money for the “new meal plan.”
So you need to stash away the drum kit/Marc Jacobs purse/iPad2/rare Japanese bird mural safely till September and they’ll be none the wiser.

Are you one of those college students in New York City looking for affordable summer storage in Manhattan? We have rates as low as $29/month in one of our 17 storage locations in NYC. Give one of our storage advisors a call today at 212-Storage to see how we can help you.