Summer is winding down, which means that in a few short months, you’ll be hunkering down inside to wait out the winter. Get in all the sweet & salty treats you can from our favorite roving NYC food trucks before you go into hibernation!nyc food trucks

1. Rickshaw Dumplings
Personally, we love the edamame dumplings! Plus, this is just about the only place in the city where it’s okay to tell somebody they have “nice dumplings.” Track them down via Twitter.

2. GO Burger
Black Angus beef, double smoked bacon, and special BLT Burger Sauce make this the best burger you ever bought out of a smallish pickup window. Scope their position on Twitter.

3. Sweetery NYC
All-natural goodies are baked on premises in their “mobile bakery.” Yes please! Follow them on Twitter to discover their whereabouts.

4. The Bistro Truck
Our favorite Moroccan-Mediterranean mobile gourmet, serving dishes like Lamb Marrakech and Vegetable Tangine for under $10 a plate. Follow them on Twitter for the specials of the day!

5. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Van Leeuwen serves ice cream made from hormone-free milk and cream, eggs, and cane sugar. Follow their truck on Twitter, and browse exquisite flavors on their website.

6. Kelvin Natural Slush Co

The Kelvin Slush Truck churns out unique flavors like Spicy Ginger or Green & Black Tea with mix-ins like chopped mint or white peach puree. Follow them on Twitter, or call the Slush Phone for location info.

7. Biàn Dãng
This truck tours Midtown East and West, the Financial District, and Soho bringing Taiwanese lunchbox favs like pork dumplings, fish cake, and tea eggs. Follow them on Twitter for locations.

8. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Soft serve with pizzaz! Try the Salty Pimp or the Mondae Sunday, both of which the owners have recently sought patents for. Follow them on Twitter for truck status updates, and drool over flavors here.

NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Photo by PetroleumJelliffe, Flickr

If you’re planning on getting lunch next week, keep an eye out for our gal Meg at one of these 8 yummy NYC food trucks – she’ll be treating 5 lucky Manhattan Mini Storage fans to lunch!

In the meantime, Tweet us pics of your treats this week and tell us which NYC food truck is your favorite in the comments below!