The High Line NYC June 2009by Ed Yourdon, on Flickr

The High Line NYC June 2009by Ed Yourdon, on Flickr

Since so many folks in NYC have lived with Manhattan Mini Storage for decades, it’s fun to find out where we have intwined MMS within NYC life. This is one fo those cases, where a Mahnattan Mini Storage Building becomes part of the story, the art and the fabrication of NYC. 

Personally, we like how the Photographer, Ed Yourdon, said it best as he experienced the NYC High Line as it opened this summer.:

So I ventured down to the West Village today, along with a gazillion other New Yorkers, tourists, and visitors, to see what it looked like. Photographing the crowds along the walkway was probably a worthwhile exercise, because it serves as a reminder of how many people a park like this must serve, in a city the size of New York. On the other hand, there’s no question that I’ll want to come back in a few months, after the novelty has worn off, to see what it looks like when it’s essentially empty (showing up at 7 AM when the park opens, instead of noon, would probably help too!).

It was a gray, leaden day when I strolled through the park, with sprinkles of rain as I reached the northern end of the park at 20th Street — and that probably didn’t do much to help the pictures. I’ll come back on a sunny day, sometime, and I may well wait until late afternoon or early evening, in order to catch the sunset glow in the western New Jersey skyline…

But for now, the pictures do offer a view of a very different kind of park than most people envision; instead of vast, open, grassy fields and views that try to deny the very existence of the surrounding city, this park is woven right into the abandoned train tracks, the surrounding buildings, and the abandoned piers along the Hudson River. And it has obviously inspired a wave of innovative architecture in the new hotels and office buildings that have sprouted up along the way; where possible, I’ve tried to identify the buildings, too, so you can draw your own conclusion about whether all of this is beautiful, inviting, or just a little bizarre.

More of Ed’s photos as he travels the NYC High Line can be found here and here. We thank Ed for letting us share this image with you and if you have time, check out his other New York City images that he has.  They have a great realistic feel of NYC. You can hear the sights and smells of NY and his stories of the photos are great too!