Retro Fashion and Neo Chic: Welcome Back, Pantsuit! And an Open Hate Letter to Clogs.

We’re not generally all that girly-girly over here at Manhattan Mini Storage, but we are all about New York City and recently NYC was all about Fashion Week. So we suppressed our overwhelming desire to shove ham sandwiches down the throats of runway models and toodled on down to Bryant Park to grab a seat outside the tent and soak up the scene.

Finally…an excuse to grab your scissors AND get your wedding dress out of storage.

While this town does have a preponderance of leggy ladies who can rock the new fashion trends (short shorts at the office? tap pants as primary bootie cover?), we were a little more drawn to some of the pieces that we could actually, you know, WEAR. And, lucky for us, we’ve got a good amount of wardrobe fundamentals all safe and cozy in our closet solutions storage.

Here are the bits we’ll be fishing out  of our closets once the snow stops:

  • NYC-fashion-week-pantsuits-trendsPantsuits, baby! What is it about an awesome pantsuit that makes us revisit our plans for world domination? I mean, there’s a reason that Hillary Clinton has made them her battle gear of choice. Designers are kind enough to cycle through this trend every few years and, thankfully, 2010’s iteration is softer, more casual, and, in Ralph Lauren’s case, more gangster. We likey.
  • The Little WHITE Dress. It is widely accepted that black is the Standard Issue Uniform of New York City. But, meh…man cannot rock on black alone. So we were happy to see a precious little pack of white dresses surface. And, hmmmmmmm, we wonder? What other dresses are white? Oh, yeah – wedding dresses. Outdated and unfortunate wedding dresses.  Wedding dresses that stayed in storage longer than the groom stayed in the marriage. So why not grab that big, white behemoth, grab your scissors, and create something beautiful that will make you feel like a blushing bride, but without the psychotic outbursts and stress-induced acne? Just a suggestion.

Fashion Be Damned!:  One 2010 Fashion Trend We’ll Be Keeping Buried Deep in Storage.

nyc-fashion-week-clogs An Open Letter to Clogs. Dear Clogs, please don’t take this personally, but you are evil and wrong. Dress yourselves up with stripes and bows, but nothing will ever disguise the fact that you are clunky and awkward, more suitable for hoofs than the human foot. Please go away and do not come back.

An Open Letter to Fashion Designers. Dear Fashion Designer, there is nothing you can do, no amount of magic you can conjure, not enough smoke and mirrors in the known universe to make a clog look good. Who do you think you’re fooling? Or are you in the pockets of an international cabal of clog designers who periodically force you to attempt a half-hearted revival? Two words – stop it. We are on to you.

Okay, Storage Peeps! We’re off to make some hot chocolate, slog through what’s left of the snow, and dream of the day when we head to storage to swap our snow boots for stilettos.