I like my grandchildren, but I love my storage room.

Name: Abigail Van De Kamp (aka “Mimi”)

Occupation: Museum Fundraiser (Retired)

New Yorker Since: 1968

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Big Dream: Great-grandchildren – but not yet

Signature Style: Casual chic

Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “My son and daughter-in-law live just outside the city – in Fort Lee – and they frequently drop their three children off with me for the weekend, or sometimes longer in the summertime. I absolutely adore my grandchildren, but my apartment is not what one would call ‘kid-friendly.’ I mean, I’ve got quite an extensive Lladró collection, for one thing. So when the children visit, I just move the breakables to my storage room, where I also keep other valuable collections, antique furniture and out-of-season clothing. And then I’ve got all these toys and games stored there that I can just move back to the apartment for the weekend. I’ll tell you, the Storage Taxi that Manhattan Mini Storage offers is a God-send for this purpose. When the children go back to Fort Lee, the toys go back into storage, and voilà – order is restored.”

Parting Words: “Safety is a paramount concern for me, so I’m very pleased that Manhattan Mini Storage has secure access cards and individually-alarmed units.”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.

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