I like being my own boss, but I love my storage room.

Name: Adelita “Li-Lo” Lopez

Occupation: Owner/Operator, FoamFit

New Yorker Since: 1985 (Born and raised in the Bronx)

Neighborhood: Inwood

Big Dream: To appear on “Shark Tank”

Signature Style: Practical, but still sexy

Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “Well, it’s not a storage room for me, OK? It’s my office. It’s my business. It’s where I work, and honestly, where I spend most of my time. A few years back, I made this new kind of foam roller. At the time, it was just for me, because I’m really into fitness, right? And I didn’t want to use those nasty foam rollers at the gym that everybody else had been rolling around on (laughs). People at the gym started asking me where I got my roller from, so I started making them for other people. And it just grew from there. But then I was wondering, you know, where can I store all these foam rollers – I’m talking lots of inventory? My boyfriend was like, ‘Li-Lo, get them out of the bedroom now!’ So I called Manhattan Mini Storage. And that’s when I found out they offered free package acceptance, free Wi-Fi, outbound shipping services, electricity in the room, and everything else I needed to run my business. I seriously love this place.”

Parting Words: “Do you know they even give out free coffee in the lobby here? Which is good, because I drink A LOT of it (laughs).”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.


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