Names: Kelly Paulson-Balik & Yazmira Paulson-Balik

Occupation: Chef/Civil Rights Attorney

New Yorkers Since: 2008 (Kelly) 1999 (Yazmira)

Neighborhood: East Village

Big Dream: Kelly: To open my own restaurant
Yazmira: To be able to sleep late

Signature Style: Anything you can throw into the washing machine

Why They Love Their Storage Room:

Yazmira: “As you can probably guess, Kelly and I are new moms. It’s been the greatest experience of our lives, but it’s also been a major transition.”

Kelly: “People told us a baby would take up a lot of space in our apartment, so we thought we were prepared. But it’s like… Whoah! And I work at home, so when you add a business into the mix, it just became a little overwhelming.”

Yazmira: “Some friends of ours who also live in the East Village and who are also new parents were like, ‘It’s time for you two to grow up and get a storage room.’ (Laughs.) We don’t consider ourselves particularly materialistic people, but we do have a lot of sporting and camping equipment. Not to mention, I’m a lawyer so I have tons of files and documents. And Kelly has catering equipment that she needs on occasion, but not every day.”

Kelly: “It’s just so great to be able to stop by our storage room whenever we need to – it’s open until 10PM, 365 days a year – and either drop stuff off or pick stuff up. It’s like having a second home, really. And it means Ella gets to grow up in an apartment where there’s actually room to crawl!”

Parting Words:

Kelly: “I love that Manhattan Mini Storage has free Wi-Fi in the lobby! It’s become my favorite place to check email each afternoon when I take Ella for her afternoon stroll. And the storage staff is always so sweet with her.”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.

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