We like musicals, but we love our storage room.

Names: Kingsley Adebayo & Seth Freidman

Occupation: Doctoral Candidate/Event Planner

New Yorkers Since: 2010 (Kingsley) 2000 (Seth)

Neighborhood: Chelsea

Big Dream:  Kingsley: To finish my PhD and marry Seth.
Seth: To marry Kingsley, and to adopt a dog.
Kingsley: We’re not getting a dog.

Signature Style: Traditional

Why They Love Their Storage Room:

Kingsley: “Seth and I are both Broadway musical freaks. Even growing up in Nigeria, I knew all the words to ‘Rent.’ So although we could afford a bigger apartment, we’d rather save money and see as many shows as possible each year.”

Seth: “Right. So sharing a one-bedroom is challenging, even though we’re both really neat. Well, he’s neater than I am, but I’m pretty neat, too.”

Kingsley: “We had both lived separately for years before we became a couple, we couldn’t fit all of our stuff into one apartment. We decided rather than throw out furniture, clothing and other things we really loved, we’d get a storage room. And Manhattan Mini Storage had a number of Chelsea locations to choose from. Plus, we got a free move for all our stuff.”

Seth: “Also, we collect Playbills, and we both had massive cast album collections. Kingsley’s even got old vinyl records of shows from the 40s and 50s, which are quite valuable. So the storage room is perfect for that stuff, especially with the free shelves and rolling racks Manhattan Mini Storage offers.”

Parting Words:

Seth: “With all this extra space in the apartment, we can finally get a dog!”

Kingsley: “We’re not getting a dog.”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.

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