Name: Philip Matapang

Occupation: Filmmaker

New Yorker Since: 2011

Neighborhood: SoHo

Big Dream: Winning an Academy Award for Best Director

Signature Style: Casual, but never sloppy

Why He Loves His Storage Room: “Making movies requires a lot equipment. The booms and light stands in particular take up a ton of space. You can’t fit that stuff in an apartment – especially my apartment, which is really just a single room inside someone else’s apartment. When I was still a film student, the school rented us a Manhattan Mini Storage room, so I got used to working out of one. It’s incredibly helpful. It’s big enough that my team and I can actually store sets there. And my SoHo storage location is open 24/7, which is so cool when we’re doing night shoots. Also, we don’t have to worry about random people wandering in and taking stuff, because you need an access card to get into the storage area. It’s just really safe and practical. Oh, and they have free off-street parking. Which is huge when we’re working with a van.”

Parting Words: “I think I’m going to make a movie set in a storage facility. Maybe call it ‘Night of the Living Hoarders.’ The Manhattan Mini Storage staff already said they’d like to be in it. Those guys are cool as Hell.”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.

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