Name: Preston Ackermann, Jr.

Occupation: Freelance Art Director

New Yorker Since: 2012

Neighborhood: East Harlem

Big Dream: His own exhibit at the MoMA

Signature Style: Whatever’s clean

Why He Loves His Storage Room: “I’ve been collecting comic books since I was eight. It’s a passion of mine, as well as a way of making some side income – although I cry a little bit every time I sell a rare issue on eBay. I also live with four other guys. We have a massive apartment, but four guys… come on, you can imagine what a cluttered disaster that is. After one of my favorite comics – it was a Spider-Man first edition – got beer spilled on it, I was like, that’s it. I moved the entire collection into my storage room, which is right here in East Harlem. I had expected I would never spend more than a couple minutes a week in my storage unit. But it’s become like my little haven. Sunday afternoons, I love to curl up here with some new comics and just chill for a few hours. Plus I get free coffee here! Bonus!”

Parting Words: “The No. 1 thing that hooked me on Manhattan Mini Storage was the free package acceptance. I get new comics shipped to me all the time, and now it’s like I have my own doorman! I never miss a delivery.”

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.


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