nylaughs pepsi grantWe like things that make us chuckle here at Manhattan Mini Storage, and as our VP of Marketing Stacy Stuart says, “New Yorkers deserve a good laugh!” That’s why we teamed up with the nonprofit organization NYLaughs this month to help sponsor their mission: to take comedy to the people.

Now, NYLaughs needs our help one more time! They’re in the running for a Pepsi Grant, a $25,000 gift that will go a long way towards helping them transplant live comedy from indoor clubs to the open, public spaces of NYC. All they need is votes!

Do you appreciate a good belly laugh on a sunny afternoon? Vote for NYLaughs in Pepsi’s Refresh Project! Here’s how:

  • Text in a vote:  Text 107329 to PEPSI (73774)
  • Vote online: www.refresheverything.com/laughterinthepark
  • Save Pepsi Caps/Cartons: Save the “power codes” from specially marked Pepsi packaging or under specially marked Pepsi bottles and use them when you vote! They’ll make your vote count more. (You can also email them to nylaughs@gmail.com)

Want more ways to help? Tweet: “Help nylaughs.org win grant 2 bring free comedy 2 parks. VOTE: www.refresheverything.com/laughterinthepark OR TEXT:107329 to Pepsi-73774”

You can vote online AND text each day, which means you can vote twice! If you support NYLaughs’ mission and/or giggling, guffawing, whooping, smiling, hooting, cackling, grinning, or tee-heeing, hurry and vote before July’s voting period ends: www.refresheverything.com/laughterinthepark

Questions? Email nylaughs@gmail.com or call 917-727-5233.