Fall in NYCWe love October. We can finally stop apologizing to everyone for being so sweaty (although, truth be told, the delivery guy probably doesn’t care); the new Fall TV shows remind us how much we love our couches; and the food truck outside our office starts serving pumpkin spice falafel. October is that rare and much-needed month of rest before the craziness of the holidays is upon us. And yet, it’s still replete with more opportunities for fun in the city than there are Duane Reade specials on giant bags of candy. So, before you settle in for your annual viewing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, check out some of these festive fall activities!


Run, Don’t Walk

The Honorable William Wall is a floating clubhouse operated by the Manhattan Sailing Club, anchored in New York Harbor, just north of Ellis Island from May through mid-October. Accessible by water launch, the clubhouse offers spectacular views of the city, the Statue of Liberty and an early-autumn sunset. Perfect for parties and/or first dates, the clubhouse has two levels (one enclosed) and a full service bar. You can also bring food with you (no beverages) – from pizzas to picnic dinners – and the staff is friendly and courteous. Speaking from personal experience, this destination manages to be both local and exotic. How many times have you enjoyed a cocktail, while floating on a barge, in the middle of the Hudson River? Exactly.

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Hey, Sailor!

Fall is a great time to fall in love, for the first time or the 51st, with the Big Apple. Opening in a start-studded revival at the Lyric Theatre in the heart of Times Square is one of America’s most beloved musical comedies, On the Town. With music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green and choreography inspired by Jerome Robbins, you’ll be reminded why New York, New York really is ”a hell of a town!” And while you’re in NYC checking out On the Town, park with our partner ParkFast for the best theater district parking.

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Sashay Away (to Brooklyn):

Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe is the current exhibit at the Robert E. Blum Gallery, on the first floor of the Brooklyn Museum. Featuring everything from 16th Century platform heels to runway stilettos, the show explores the history of the quintessential accessory – the high-heeled pump. From Chanel to Prada and everything in between, this exhibit has more inches under its heels than even the kinkiest of boots. #killerheels

Note: No flip-flops allowed.

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Trick or Treat

Any list of fun things to do in New York during the month of October would be remiss if it didn’t include the legendary annual Village Halloween Parade. This year, thousands of New Yorkers will be adorning their finest Michael Voorhees hockey masks and their skimpiest sexy nurse outfits and heading downtown to march – and wreak Halloween havoc – on Greenwich Village. The theme for this year’s 41st incarnation of the parade is the Garden of Earthly Delights. Organizers want to remind you that Halloween is a “night of inversions; our garden is not a safe place where the wild is kept out; it is a safe place where the wildness of imagination is invited in!”

Note: The parade begins at 7pm on Friday, Oct. 31st. Only those in costume will be allowed to line up between 6:30pm and 8:30pm at 6th Avenue at Canal Street

If you prefer to spend Halloween safely entombed in your apartment, six floors up and away from trick-or-treating toddlers and everyone else carousing in the garden of earthly delights outside, you can always invite some friends over and watch the proceedings live on NY1, as long as you have Time Warner Cable. Heck, why not make a party out of it? Just remember to get your apple-bobbing barrel out of storage first.

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