Manhattan Mini Storage ad - DollsNo, we’re not talking about a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. We’re talking about an antique item that has given you, and perhaps your family, a great deal of joy for many years. It could be as small as a collection of child-sized tea cups, as large and magnificent as a ten-piece Teak dining room set or as precious as a marble bust of Bea Arthur (a national treasure, may she rest in peace).

Anything old that’s of value to you is of value to us at Manhattan Mini Storage. That’s why we’ve designed self-storage that’s simple, secure and safe: Easy to reserve, easy to lock and easy to access –   three things that are critical to the proper storage of your valuable antiques and collectibles.



You may think that it’s simpler to keep your antique doll collection in a box in the hall closet, but it’s not. Here’s why:

Manhattan Mini Storage facilities are everywhere. From the top of the island to the bottom, there are 17 easy-to-access locations, open 365 days a year, with extended hours – most of them 24 hours a day. One of these locations is probably not much farther away than that box in your closet currently housing your precious dolls. Consider their value, both personally and financially, and then decide if the short trip to your local Manhattan Mini Storage is too far a trip to travel to free up some space at home and better ensure their safety. Not to mention your safety. I mean, didn’t you see Annabelle?



All Manhattan Mini Storage locations are secure, and all storage guests use their own personal lock. Locks are available at Manhattan Mini Storage or can be purchased elsewhere. The type and strength of the lock is entirely up to you, giving you total and complete control of the security of your antique items.

In addition to your lock, like many storage companies in NYC, we offer our KeepSafe protection plan for that extra layer of protection.



No matter the size of your storage unit, at Manhattan Mini Storage your stuff will always be safe. That means that the massive mahogany dresser that’s too big to fit up the staircase of your fifth-floor walk-up is as safe as the box of lace doilies that your grandmother hid in one of the drawers. Choosing temperature-controlled units means you have more control, because even a top-of-the-line home window AC unit can break down during a New York City summer.

Manhattan Mini Storage has all the necessary storage supplies for the safe storage of your antiques, including foam and other coverings for legs, corners and glass, dust covers and storage shelves that will allow air to circulate between your items and the floor.



Sure, we like to kid around here at Manhattan Mini Storage, but rest assured we take your belongings as seriously as you do – and that’s no joke.

We have the answers to any question you may have about how to best store your antique items, for example:

Should I polish my wood pieces before storing? YES! Polish helps protect antique wood surfaces from dust!

Or, if I’m running low on newspaper, can I wrap four salad bowls together in one page from The Penny Saver? NO! All dishware should be wrapped individually!

For more helpful hints check out earlier posts on our blog – the recent post about storing fragile items is especially well written (if we do say so ourselves) – or call one of our many storage expert Storage Advisors for some one-on-one advice.

And please…put those dolls in storage.