Sometimes, your thoughts need even more organizing than your apartment. Don’t worry – there’s an app for that! Here are some of our favorite online organizing tools for cataloguing bookmarks, photos, reminders, shopping lists, recipes, and anything else that crosses your consciousness.


One of the first of the interweb’s note-taking apps, it’s gotten more convenient with each new version. Think of it as a way to organize your mental junk drawer. “Remember Everything” is their slogan, and this app allows you to clip things easily from the internet, save notes, attach photos and create voice notes. With Evernote you, like the elephant, will never forget anything again.


catch dot comA visually-oriented app that you can sign into with a Google Account, this neat little organizational tool might remind you of using Twitter. #Tags help you organize notes into categories without having to search through folders. Location tagging is also possible, in case you forget where you were when you had your last epiphany.


springpad logoLike Evernote, Springpad allows you to organize everything from photos to bookmarks to notes. Springpad, however, will stand out to the neat freaks of the world: it has even more categories and sub-categories for you to organize information perfectly! Need a little nudge to remember things? You can even create task lists with alarms.

online organizing toolsOnce you’ve finished categorizing, organizing, and digitally pinning all your thoughts in place, you can tackle the rest of the apartment!

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