organized closetThe new year is in full swing and we have every confidence that your resolutions to go to the gym, cut out the cocktails, and to learn high-fashion macrame are off to an auspicious start! Okay, well… maybe not. And do you know why? Because these things require a change in habits, and changing a habit is hard.


But you know what’s easy? Getting organized. Really, it is. And since 2015 is officially the Year of Ahhhhh-some, we’re dedicating the month of January to sharing straightforward tips for simplifying your space and making your home a refuge of relaxation.


Getting Started: Your Organization Action Plan

It’s been said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Whoever said that obviously hasn’t seen your place. But don’t despair! While staring at a packed-to-the-gills apartment can be daunting, getting started is a simple matter of starting small and planning well. And we’ve broken your first-steps towards a clutter-free future into three easy steps.



Step One: Pick Your Battle

If you’re like most New Yorkers, you have multiple levels of chaos residing in your apartment. Overflowing cabinets in the kitchen. A closet more dense than Justin Bieber. A bathroom that’s more bath than room. Choose the one place in your apartment that bothers you the most. By choosing one area to focus on, you’ll avoid being overwhelmed and really feel rewarded once the organization begins.


Step Two: Make a Decluttering Date

Rome wasn’t organized in a day, my friend. And though Nero decided to let the place burn instead of cleaning the joint up, we don’t recommend this as a viable decluttering method. What we DO recommend is to book some time on your calendar—not too much, just an hour or so—and make this your Decluttering Date. And then stick to it. After all, this is time for you to make your life better… don’t blow it on anyone but yourself! (Bonus: If you’re trying to avoid someone, you can always tell them “not tonight…I’ve got organizing to do.”)storage shelves


Step Three: Save, Toss, or Store?

It’s every New Yorker’s Sophie’s Choice… deciding what stays, what goes, and what gets boxed up and stored. But we promise this part does not have to lead to gnashing of teeth or rocking silently in the corner. In fact, once you get going, this is the most exhilarating part of the process! Why? Because you’re making progress—and once you remember what it feels like to see your bedroom floor or actually be able to find your favorite pair of shoes, you’ll get hooked. So, while still only focusing on a small area, divide your stuff into three segments. Forgot why you have it? Toss. Love it forever? Keep. And when in doubt, store. The end result will still be less cluttered living space without the potential regrets of getting rid of something you may want later.


Good luck on decluttering—it’s your first step towards organization! And keep an eye out this month for more tips and tricks straight from the pros on how to get, and stay, organized.