You love having the latest gadgets and the slickest gizmos.  Visitors are equally blown away by the contrast ratio of your HDTV and the bass output of your surround sound system. The only problem? Your entertainment center looks like the basement of NASA’s control room. Clean up and organize your entertainment center with a few tips from the de-clutter experts:

organize electronics entertainment center

Photo: DeaPeaJay, Flickr

1.  L is for Label. Use a label maker to identify each cable, so you don’t have to spend time snaking through piles of cordage to find the one you’re looking for. Place the label at the end near the plug so you can easily find it, and use 2 labels – one on each side of the cord.

2.  All Together, Now. Use braided sleeving or Velcro strips to group together cords from the same appliance. This will help de-clutter the back of your entertainment center, and at the same time make it easier to remove any out-of-date electronics in one fell swoop. No tangles, no problem!

3.  Stack Intelligently. Make sure to maximize the shelving available in your entertainment center. Your electronics shouldn’t be touching each other (they’ll overheat!).  Try sandwiching your appliances with books  if you’re out of shelving but have extra space.

4.  THERE’s the Remote! The key to keeping your remote in plain site is having a designated basket or caddy. It’s a good idea to keep the basket in a prominent place such as your coffee table.

5.  Dinosaurs are Extinct. The best way to de-clutter and organize your electronics is by getting rid of anything that’s been around since Y2K. It’s also useful to know which devices can pull double-duty; for instance, did you know that a Sony Playstation can also play Blu-ray discs? Offload one of your devices to save space!

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