Here are some tips for organizing your home office desk to keep the productivity levels as high as that pile on your desk.

Tips for Organizing Your Home Office Desk

organize home office desk


Give Your Walls the Thumb Up. Put up a message board above the desk where you can tack things like wedding invitations, event tickets, and prescriptions for easy finding when necessary. If the occasional Chinese cookie fortune makes it up there too, so be it.

Mac or PC? Not the Right Question. As everyone knows, its size that really matters. If you’re current desktop computer takes up more space inch-by-inch than your refridgerator, it’s time to upgrade. Models now are sleek and small – or consider a laptop!

Don’t Be Reviled By Files. Cover file storage boxes with colorful cloth for a Martha-approved decorating tip that’s useful too.

Get Caught Up in Labels. Another great tip from Ms. Stewart? Affix small metal label tags to all your electrical wires for easy identification. (Just think what this woman could do with your college beer can collection!)

Go Green Where You Can. Nothing clutters up your desk faster than the stacking up of utility bills. Switch to Paperless where possible. For the rest of them, have an Inbox where you relegate them until have time (or funds) to open, pay and then properly file away the documents,

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