Photo by Rachel Shingleton

Time to Organize Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts!

How do you know if it’s time to organize your kitchen cabinets? Take our quick test.

1) By the time you find a spatula (inconveniently located next to the flour, which is side-by-side with the salad plates), have the eggs already burned in the pan?

2)  Do you have to search for 15 minutes to find the snacks you bought yesterday in anticipation of the big game?

If the answer to either of these question is YES! then we can definitively say it’s time to organize those kitchen cabinets! Here’s how in four easy steps:

Steps to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Step 1: Go Bare or Go Home! Don’t just organize kitchen cabinets by moving a few things around – commit! Remove everything from your kitchen cabinets. That’s right: all your glasses, coffee cups, plates, silverware, lids, mixing bowls, spices, dry goods, magazines, bouncy balls, pepper spray, and whatever else you’ve stored in there. Place it all on a table to deal with in a minute.

Step 2: Have a Makeover Moment. After you’ve wiped down cabinets with a clean sponge to get out spilled jelly, Cookie Crisp crumbs, and anything else lurking in there,  give your shelves a mini-facelift by lining them with cheery patterned contact paper (we love this blue one from Kmart!)

Step 3: A Place for Every Thing, And Everything in It’s Place. Want all the work you’re doing to organize your kitchen cabinets to stick? Spend some time to consider the most logical way to store an item. Some ideas:

  1. Place spices on the bottom shelf of a cabinet near the stove for easy access while cooking.
  2. Designate a cabinet for glassware and dishes. Place plates, saucers, and soup bowls on the same shelf.
  3. Ditto cups and mugs. Place the breakable glasses at the lowest, easiest to reach point. Plastic ones can go on higher shelves. If you have left over space in this cabinet, place your coffee cups on the middle shelf. If not, purchase wall shelves with hooks so you can hang them there..
  4. Place mixing bowls inside each other nearest the stove or working counter space. Place casserole dishes on another shelf in the same cabinet.
  5. Designate a separate storage pantry to place all your food items.
  6. Purchase an organizer that will fit inside your top drawer to place all your silverware inside.

Step 4: Assess the damage. The majority of your items have now been put away in beautifully organized kitchen cabinets. You still have a few items left on the table though, don’t you? When in doubt, follow the first rule of any organization project: get rid of anything you don’t need! Ask yourself if you really need whatever is left. Toss what you can’t reasonably find a place for.

With your new organized kitchen cabinets, can you now work your way successfully around the stove? Tell us your success stories in our comments section! And check out the rest of our Organize This! section for more tips on tackling small spaces!