World Cup 2010 Kicks Off Friday But We’ve Got Sports Closet Organization Tips Today

Hey there futbol fans are you ready for the 2010 World Cup to start this week?! We’re sure you’ve got your favorite Ronaldo or Drogba jersey handy. Can’t wait for the great grudge matches (Germany vs. Ghana!) But when you pulled your soccer balls out of the closet, did you end up buried under a pile of hockey sticks and tennis balls? We’ve got the help you need! Today’s Organize This! post is all about whipping that sports gear storage closet into top athletic form —

Closet Organization Tips for Storing Sports Gear

1. Get Hooked on Organization! Put up hooks on the inside of the door for helmets, caps, masks, and even jump ropes. They’re grab-and-go, and you’re delighted.

2. Contain Yourself. Clear plastic bins are great to store sports gear and athletic accessories of odd sizes and shapes like balls or protective gear, and lids make these stackable for space-saving. But don’t spend Game Day searching for the Icy-Hot; label what’s inside each one on a piece of masking tape.

3. Rack-em Up. Tired of tripping over baseball bats that won’t stand upright? Got basketballs bouncing around every time you open the door? There are a multitude of cheap wall mounted racks available from calling your name.

4. Think Outside the Penalty Box. Clothes closet organizers, like sweater hangers, make excellent sports closet organizers (who knew?!) Put like-minded items in each pouch: mitts on top, goggles and flippers in the middle, and cleats on the bottom.

5. Remember, there is no “I” in Team. Sometimes you just can’t do sports closet organization alone because what you need (space to fit your golf bag) is just not there. That’s where we can really help you out. For affordable sports gear storage in New York City, all you have to do is call one of our advisors at 1800-STORAGE and they’ll tell you about all the deals we have happening. Then you can go out for celebratory drinks.

We hope you found these tips for sports gear storage helpful. Keep checking back for more Organize This! posts as we tackle all your small space organizational needs. And if you are wondering where to watch the World Cup in New York City, check out the new South Street Seaport Puma City Soccer Theme Park (conveniently located near our storage facility on South Street at Catherine Slip) where they are showing games on their nine flat screens starting Friday. U-S-A!