When You’re Done, That Monster Won’t Have Any More Clutter To Hide In!

under bed storage solutions, organize under bedSo you’ve been casually throwing things like old baseball mitts, art supplies, and that sweater grandma knit you under the bed for ages now, so long in fact that you actually have no idea what has accumulated there. Among the dust bunnies and leftover decorations, there lays a little thing called storage opportunity –hard to come by in tiny New York City apartments! We’ve got under bed storage solutions for you that will make you no longer afraid of the dark.

Four Favorite Under Bed Storage Solutions

  • Turn Your Bed Into a High Rise. If the bottom side of your mattress is only a few inches off the floor, you’ll be lucky if you are able to store a folded up air mattress under there. Buy a set of bed risers (approximately $20 at home stores) and you’ve suddenly freed up a whole new set of vertical space.
  • Ditch the Area Rug to Make Some Room. When things are uneven from the get-go, you are much more likely to see them get worse. If you have an area rug or a carpet that is halfway under your bed, the baskets and drawers won’t lay flat or slide out from under the bed easily. Lay a piece of plywood across the top to use as a smooth surface, or find a smaller rug for the room.
  • Go Long. Under your bed can double as a set of drawers, as long as you have the right supplies. Laying several small baskets in a row inside one longer container means you can keep items like socks and underwear, toiletries or whatever else you need daily access to all in one place, but still organized.
  • Labels, labels, labels! This is one of those under bed storage solutions that can apply to any room in the house. Do yourself a favor and clearly label anything and everything that you store away to access later. Trust us; it is much easier to read the text on a sticker than it is to open up every box!

Looking for more great organizing tips? Check out all of our past Organize This! posts for more great ideas on how to organize your Manhattan residence.  Tried on of our under bed storage solutions and still don’t have enough room? We have monthly rates as low as $29/month which means you no longer need to worry. Call one of our storage advisors today to get a quote on our low cost NYC mini storage rentals in 17 convenient locations.