Four Easy Steps to Beat the Single Sock Blues

Organizing your sock drawer might not be the most exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon but it isn’t half as difficult or dull as it sounds. This fall, put your best organizing foot forward by tackling the infamous sock drawer into straightened up submission. Here are four fail-proof steps.

Tips for Organizing Sock Drawers

  1. Empty the beast. Take all your socks out of your sock drawer and place them onto a table or bed. Weed out those that are beyond repair. Rule of thumb: if any toes poke out, you have to toss them. Even if they have cute pumpkin faces. Holey socks can go in your cleaning closet as dust rags.
  2. No Mate? No More. Get tough on your single socks. Signing them up for an online dating website won’t work. We know it hurts, but you have to banish them to the dust rag bin. Your sock drawer is totally a couple-y snob, but that’s the breaks.
  3. Get Sideways. Sock-drawer organizers let you line up your podiatric protectors in a row either lengthwise or diagonally. The beauty of this means you’ll be able to find your Shamrock socks on St. Paddy’s day in a cinch. Don’t want to spend the cash on a shoe organizer? Use empty shoe boxes to group together like colors or materials.
  4. Remember to fold, not scold. When organizing your sock drawer, you’ll likely be tempted to cuff-over fold socks into a ball. Don’t. It’s much better for the elastic in the cuff if you simply fold the pair together – meaning you won’t have saggy sock ankles anytime soon!

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