Don’t Overlook Bedside Tables When You Are Power Organizing Your Bedroom!

Organize your bedside drawer to de-clutter your life!

Organize your bedside drawer to de-clutter your life!

Last month we taught you how to tackle the infamous mélange in your Sock Drawer, and we’re sure your toes are much happier now that they’re wearing matching socks almost daily! This month, we’re going to make a project out of the entire room by providing with you more tips for organizing your bedroom.

Three Tips for Organizing your Nightstand Drawer:

  1. Why Was I Saving That, Again? As always, empty everything out and see what you’ve got. Small nightstand drawers accumulate a lot of tiny, easy-to-lose things like leftover pesos, buttons, and bobby pins which often find their way in there without much forethought. Keep only stuff that make sense to use from the comfort of your bed (an eye mask, a pen for writing in your diary, a reading flashlight.)  Move (or get rid of) everything else.
  2. Compartmentalize It All. Investing in modular drawer organizers will make grabbing what you need when you’re half asleep a cinch. (No more rooting around for lip balm at midnight.) If you don’t like the office-y vibe of a drawer organizer, pick a few of your favorite bowls or boxes and use museum putty to secure them inside the drawer.
  3. Refrain from Future Trinket Tossing. Practice makes perfect. Next time you’re cleaning your room, repeat this to yourself first: “My nightstand drawer is not a clutter dumping ground.” As long as you keep putting only things that belong by your bedside, your nightstand drawer won’t go back to being a hot mess.

Take a look back at our archive of Organize This! posts for more tips for tackling small spaces. We’ll be putting more ideas for organizing your bedroom all this month.  And remember, if you end up with too much stuff in any room in your apartment, we’ve got 17 locations for self storage in Manhattan so call us today for help!