One of our favorite New Year rituals is to purchase a paper planner. Yes, we said it –paper. This doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore our smart phones, but we are going to take pleasure in color-coding our plans one colored pencil at a time.

We asked our co-workers for some of their favorite yearly, monthly and daily planners and this is what we got:

  1. Stand by Me Planner If you’re looking for a rugged planner that will store your dates and documents this is for you. Compact, sturdy and features 2012 and 2013 just in case you really want to plan ahead.
  2. Kate Sutton Pocket Planner Clad with adorable illustrations by Kate Sutton and inspirational quotes, this pocket planner will get your creative juices flowing. Plus, its undated, leaving this year’s start and end dates up to you!
  3. Muji Monthly Weekly This monthly/weekly calendar is a minimalists dream. It’s offered in black, white or red and leaves little room for fluff. Date, time, appointment, go!
  4. French Bulldog Die Cut Calendar If you prefer to keep your calendar on your desk this little guy will sit and stay. Plus, he’ll keep your days in check and double as your new best friend.
  5. Keep Calm and Carry On Calendar “Keep Calm and Carry On” is something you should remind yourself to do when you’re stuffed onto the A train next to the crying kid. This calendar offers a clean and spacious design that will beg you to let out the doodler inside!
  6. Handmade Bicycle Planner This hand stamped, vintage inspired, bicycle planner is practical and pretty! Its simple, fresh design will keep your agenda and style in order.
  7. Action Journal Although it’s not an actual dated calendar we couldn’t resist putting it on the list.  This journal will keep your meeting notes and priorities in one clean action step template.

Have a favorite planner? Let us know in the comments! Or, share your favorites with us on Twitter or Facebook.