There is no greater accomplishment for a New Yorker than upgrading your apartment. Maybe you finally got your own studio instead of splitting one with someone you met off of Craigslist, or you and your significant other finally moved into together. (If so, mazel tov!)


Or even better, you may have just upgraded to a better neighborhood and  are no longer living above that Thai place that makes all your clothes smell like green curry

Moving and upgrading your life can be an exciting time, but the daunting task of moving can leave you feeling stressed, tired and wanting to give up. We see it all the time; people come into our storage facilities, and we do our best to take any additional stress off their shoulders, but sometimes it’s the overbearing process of packing that has them totally freaked out.

So here are some simple tips to better packing and moving:StorageTaxi

    1. Watch Your Spending

      When you’re planning a move, finances are always a major stressor. If you have time to prepare, don’t spend that $200 on a new pair shoes; try instead to save it as a contingency in your moving plans.
      Tip: When storing with Manhattan Mini Storage, the Storage Taxi is always free to help you bring your stuff to and from your unit from any place in Manhattan.


    2. Ditch the Misc. Box

      We’ve all done it… held onto that infamous “miscellaneous” box, filled with knickknacks, memorabilia and the all the other weird stuff you thought you couldn’t part with. This box will notoriously sit in the back of your closet or in the corner of your room for months or years on end. You will never prioritize unpacking this box. So rather than making a miscellaneous Box, try organizing its contents into other boxes. Anything remaining that you don’t want to get rid of, consider storing instead.



    3. Label Everything

      Doesn’t matter if it’s boxes or cords, you will be scrambling the first week in your new place, when you’re still living out boxes. Spare yourself the hassle of having to look through every box to find your iPad charger, and label everything.

    4. Avoid Renter’s Remorse

      It’s like shopper’s remorse but legally binding and way more expensive. You signed the lease, you got the keys, and you immediately walked in and start to look at the place differently. You no longer have that excited feeling, or you’re wondering how you’ll even get a kitchen table up the five-story staircase. You want to turn around and say “never mind!” It happens to all of us in some way or another. Just remember: It’s all going to work out, you will love it eventually, and you made the right choice.

    5. Look Under the Sink for Packing Tools

      Packing up all those shampoo and cosmetic bottles should be renamed “Let’s play Russian Roulette with all my stuff.” One little product explosion or leak can contaminate all your belongings. So use cling wrap, and securely place it over the top of the bottles to prevent the caps from coming off. You can also use cling wrap to wrap your jewelry so it doesn’t tangle and knot. Use garbage bags as garment bags when transporting your clothes; you can create a hole at the bottom of the bag and stick the hanger through, letting the clothes drape. Also, put pillows in garbage bags and use them as padding when moving fragile items. Meanwhile, store furniture screws, nuts and bolts in sandwich bags. 

      clothes hanging, garbage bags

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      Now, get your moving supplies here and start packing!