Laura Wingfield isn’t the only one with a glass menagerie.product-two_bedroom_pack

Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – has something fragile wrapped in a sock and tucked carefully away in the back of a dresser drawer. And everyone has grabbed that sock on Laundry Day thinking that it was the last clean pair… only to gingerly put it back and dig a dirty pair out of the laundry, all the while saying:

“I gotta put that one-of-a-kind Hummel figurine in a safer place.”

You really do.

Manhattan Mini Storage is an ideal place for you to store delicate and fragile items of significant value – from the Wedgwood Crystal handed down for generations to that coffee cup you made your mom on the first day of kindergarten.

If it’s precious to you, it’s precious to us.

The process of packing up these special items for storage requires some extra care and preparation. But never fear; the safety of your fragile items will be well worth the time it takes to pack them – especially if by doing so you can enjoy them for years to come and save money on super glue.

Here are some helpful tips for safely packing fragile and delicate items of any size:

GET THE RIGHT SUPPLIES – Don’t scimp on packing supplies, which should include plenty of tape, bubble wrap, popcorn filler and sturdy cardboard boxes. All of these materials (and so much more) are available for purchase at Manhattan Mini Storage and

MAKE SPACE – Clear a space where you can access your supplies and have plenty of room around the item you are packing. We recommend packing on the floor, as items can fall or roll off a raised surface.

USE STURDY PACKING TAPE – Use packing tape to secure your item in the packing material. Don’t be stingy with the tape. Remember this motto: Those who double-ply never cry.

PROTECT WITH BUBBLE WRAP – Bubble wrap is critical to the safe packing of your item. A little known fact: Most bubble wrap has two different sides – one smooth, and one bubbled. Make sure you wrap the item with the smooth surface facing in. The bubbled surface will provide a cushion facing out. For a few extra pennies, you can purchase anti-static bubble wrap that will help keep dust and hair from collecting on your item.

ROLL IN BUBBLE – Roll the item in the bubble wrap, leaving a good inch of overlap to tape along the side, the top and the bottom of your package.

ROLL AGAIN IN CARDBOARD – Once the item is secured in bubble wrap, roll the package in a piece of cardboard that’s been cut to approximately twice the size of the item you are wrapping. Secure it with tape along the side, the top and the bottom. You should wrap the item tightly enough so that it is safely wedged in the middle of the cardboard tube.

PACK SECURELY IN BOXES: Once you’ve secured each of your items in a cone of bubble wrap and cardboard, you’re ready to pack up your box. Make sure the box is securely taped on the bottom (remembering the motto above!). Start with a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Pack the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and the lighter items on top. For example, place plates and bowls on the bottom, glassware on top. Tighter is better when packing boxes, as you don’t want the items shifting and sliding while in transit. Add a final layer of bubble wrap at the top of the box, and seal the flaps securely.



fragileLabel the boxes containing fragile items with the word… wait for it… “FRAGILE.” Assume that the person carrying the box is very nearsighted and super forgetful; write the word in big letters, many times, all over the box.

If you’re packing an item that has a glass surface – like a mirror, framed painting or table top – apply a star pattern of masking tape to the item to secure the glass in the event it breaks in transit.

Avoid using newspaper, towels or socks (!) to pack your items. Newspaper will smudge and stain your precious cargo, and towel and sock fabric is difficult to secure with tape.

Be patient. You’ll be tempted to stack some dishes and/or glasses together to save time. Resist this impulse! Every item should be individually wrapped to guarantee its safe storage.

Voila! Your precious items are now safe, secure, and ready for storage! Check out our site for more packing tips, or feel free to ask our storage experts at your location or 1-800-STORAGE!