If You Clean It, Spring Will Come

March 20, 2015
spring cleaning

Friday, March 20th is the alleged first day of spring this year. We know you’re incredulous (we are, too), but there’s a chance that this ridiculous winter of our collective discontent might just come to an end. That said, let’s not leave anything to chance.   Spring cleaning is a time-honored ritual embraced by some…

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Manhattan Mini Storage Organizing Series with Daphne Kohavy

March 10, 2015

Manhattan Mini Storage is thrilled to announce that we will be holding live, free organizing demonstrations led by Daphne Kohavy – professional organizer and founder of The Functuary! You are cordially invited to attend any or all of the following workshops – and bring a friend or two if you’d like! Each hour will begin…

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Your Secret Swag Stash: Storage for Marketers, Sales Folks, and PR Pros

February 23, 2015
Mini Storage Racks and Shelves

It’s a fact—New Yorkers work harder than anyone else. We thrive on competition and live for the hustle. After all, Sinatra wasn’t just whistling Dixie when he sang, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” And no industry has its collective nose closer to the grindstone than the city’s marketers, salespeople…

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Clutter Confidential: Cautionary Tales from a Professional Organizer

February 9, 2015
organized closet

In honor of our organization event this Wednesday, we’ve been getting some wonderful tips and advice from Daphne Kohavy, owner and operator of NYC-based The Functuary and professional organizer extraordinaire.   She began by teaching us how to organize like a boss, sharing her really useful guidelines for getting started, not to mention avoiding clutter in…

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Organize Like a Boss: Tips From Daphne Kohavy, Organization Pro

January 26, 2015

As you may know, we’ve declared 2015 the Year of Ahhhhhh-Some—a year to ace your space and put some zen in your den. And the largest step towards achieving spatial Nirvana is to bring order to the chaos that is your apartment. We’ve gone over a few steps in previous posts – including getting started…

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Organization Action Plan: Get it together in 2015!

January 21, 2015
organized closet

The new year is in full swing and we have every confidence that your resolutions to go to the gym, cut out the cocktails, and to learn high-fashion macrame are off to an auspicious start! Okay, well… maybe not. And do you know why? Because these things require a change in habits, and changing a…

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