Stay sane over the holidays! Let us handle your packages.

November 25, 2014
Pile of Gifts

NYC in December is magical for many reasons—the twinkling lights, ice skating in Central Park, the hipster exodus back to sedate flyover suburbs. Even the Canal Street subway ceases its assault on your olfactory system, as if suddenly perfumed by the holiday spirit. But you know what isn’t so magical? Lugging your packages to the…

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Things To Do in NYC in November

November 1, 2014
Thanksgiving Day Parade

It’s November in New York, the most beautiful month of the year in the best city in the world. We stand behind those superlatives.  After all, when else do you get to enjoy that crisp, invigorating chill in the air (a k a Snowpocalypse) to see so many of your friends and work colleagues at…

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Packing & Storing Fragile Items

October 28, 2014
packing fragile items

Laura Wingfield isn’t the only one with a glass menagerie. Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – has something fragile wrapped in a sock and tucked carefully away in the back of a dresser drawer. And everyone has grabbed that sock on Laundry Day thinking that it was the last clean pair… only to gingerly…

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October 9, 2014
Fall in NYC

We love October. We can finally stop apologizing to everyone for being so sweaty (although, truth be told, the delivery guy probably doesn’t care); the new Fall TV shows remind us how much we love our couches; and the food truck outside our office starts serving pumpkin spice falafel. October is that rare and much-needed…

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