Restaurant Storage in NYCRestaurants in NYC perform minor miracles on a daily basis, as far as we’re concerned. How these brave business owners manage to feed the city’s masses, deliver service with a (sometimes) smile, and keep the lights on—all in 250 square feet—we’ll never know. But they do it, and thank goodness they do, lest we be condemned to a life of Nescafe® and Hot Pockets®.


And don’t even get us started on caterers! They do all this and more… but in some random ballroom or penthouse, for one night only, often wearing tuxes. Which raises questions for both restaurants and caterers, “Is there a magical land full of chafing dishes available on demand? Where does the summertime sidewalk seating go to hibernate? Where do they keep all the extra things?!”

Of course, storage provides a great answer to that last question. Here are a few reasons NYC hospitality professionals should consider coming to us for the space they need:


Stash your seasonal furniture. Our medium and large-sized rooms are the perfect place to stash those tables and chairs that live outdoor lives while the weather is warm. Protect your seasonal furniture from tough NYC winters by keeping them warm and dry with us.


Store your holiday decor. Bring us you jack o’ lanterns and black cat cut-outs, your  tinsel and trees, your baskets and bunnies! We’ll keep them safe and sound (and super accessible) until the right holiday rolls around.


Keep a caterer’s cache. Save those centerpieces and candles, chafing dishes and champagne flutes, not to mention those long folding tables and chairs. By storing your decor, you’ll have easy access to the things that make your events glitter, along with everything else you need for the job, but not necessarily for everyday use.


Stockpile your supplies. Found a great deal on plates, cutlery or other supplies? Don’t pass it by. Grab the things you know you’ll need and store them with us instead. Use our free shelves to keep everything in order and free racks to hang up those extra aprons and cater-waiter penguin duds.


Those are just a few smart ways you can use storage to help your restaurant or catering business run more smoothly! And while we may never know if, indeed, there is a magical land of cooking accoutrement that only restaurants and caterers have access to, we can tell you on good authority that many, many NYC restaurants and caterers come to us to store their goodies. We hope you’ll join us! If your business is in need of some extra space, contact us to see how we can help you store in NYC!