If you can’t find time to get away this summer, what about bringing the vacation to you? There are lots of lovely people from all over the world hoping to visit NYC in the summer and looking for real New Yorkers to show them around. Playing host to visitors from foreign lands will give you that taste of different cultures, and get you just a little bit closer to being there yourself.

This time around, we ask: what if you packed all your extra stuff into seasonal storage, made room for a foldout couch, and played host to Couchsurfers for the summer? A few great experiences waiting for you:

Feast Like an Italian. Play host to a native Italian, and maybe he’ll whip up an Italian feast for you in thanks! See what a real Italian meatball tastes like, and then do some comparison dining together on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

Get a Sense of Height. Have you ever actually been to the top of the Empire State Building? Take a visitor from Sweden to the top at night, and then ask her how it compares to the Alps.

Suds in the Sun. Take your German visitor to one of the many beer halls popping up in NYC, and she might just show you what a real beer is. If it’s hot out, do yourself a favor – let her order you a Radler.

Che, Amigo! Beer not your thing? Play host to an Argentinian visitor, and you’ll learn all about Mendoza, the Argentinian wine country.  Take the opportunity to ask what it’s like to have a woman as President, too.

Urban Meditation. Visitors from Buddhist countries like Thailand (95% of whose population is Buddhist) might be able to teach a New Yorker a thing or two about finding inner peace.

Build up enough karma as a Surfer on CouchSurfing.org by hosting fellow Surfers this summer, and it will be even easier to find a couch of your own to stay on when you next get the travel bug!

NYC Temporary Storage for Aspiring Couchsurfers

When you’re ready to go on your own couchsurfing adventure, you can trust us with your stuff. Subletting and storing your things will free up more cash for you to indulge yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes of a different country while making new friends! Meanwhile, we’ll keep your things safe in our affordable, climate-controlled storage units with 24-hour security. Give us a call at 212-STORAGE to get started on your own adventure!

Got a fun couchsurfing story of your own? Tell us about it in the comments, or tweet us @ManhattanMini!