Come By Any One Of Our Locations To Drop Off School Supplies For Needy Children

Before the mind-numbing arithmetic problems, there are brand-new pencil erasers.  Before waking up early to catch the bus, there is an Action-figure lunchbox to get. Before tests, and teachers, and homework (oh my!) there’s the thrill of picking out the perfect “First Day” outfit. The excitement, the newness, the possibilities! It’s late August and that means back to school shopping.

For the 15,000 homeless boys and girls in New York City, back to school shopping is a distant concept. There aren’t brand new pens and notebooks and binders with Hannah Montana’s mug plastered across it – in fact, they’re lucky if they have school supplies at all.

That’s why we’ve paired with the awesome foundation, Coalition for the Homeless, to help needy children in New York City get the essentials they need to head back to the classroom this Fall.

And you can help too!

While you’re doing your own back to school shopping, pick up a little more than you need for your own family. You can drop off extra school supplies at any Manhattan Mini Storage location (there are 17) and the supplies will then be sorted and distributed by Coalition for the Homeless to the boys and girls who need them.

Let’s see if together we can get every child armed with the essentials they need to head back to the classroom.

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