As we’ve mentioned before, moving to New York City (or even moving around once you’ve gotten here) is not for the faint of heart. And for most newbies in NYC, the biggest challenge will be finding and renting an apartment.



We adore the Huffington Post Home Section, and they always feature great articles about home design, storage, organizing and all-around apartment style. But sometimes it seems like their articles are not intended for people who live in this big, crazy metropolis we call home.

To wit: “13 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Ask When Renting An Apartment,” a recent article posted on the site. Some of their questions are certainly relevant for Manhattanites, including:


Can I paint?

Perfectly reasonable question. White walls make a lot of people feel like they’re living in a hospital or a psych ward.

Can I have a pet?

Not only a good question, but an important one for all you dog- and cat-lovers. Don’t “sneak” a pet into your apartment, or you could both find yourselves evicted.

If I have a roommate, who is the person responsible?

Yes! And make sure you get everything in writing, even if you’re rooming with a trusted friend. (It’s funny how those friendships can suddenly go south once the rent is due.)

Can I actually afford this?

Probably the most crucial question for those living in NYC… or anywhere.

OK, so far so good. But check out these questions, and think about your experience living in the Big Apple:

What is the policy about guests sleeping over?

WTF? Unless you’re living with your mom or in some weird 1950s time warp, most New York landlords are going to find this question extremely bizarre.

What do you do if something goes wrong in the apartment?

Um, cry? Any New Yorker knows that you either have to fix it yourself, or call your landlord or super… and then wait for about six months.

What about parking?


Read the full article here if you’d like, and don’t forget to ask one the most important questions of all:

What do the closets look like?