Cluttered Closet in NYCIf you were to add up all the time you spend each morning over a month-long period digging through the back of a drawer, hoping desperately to find either the perfect item you’re looking for – or, if you’re like us, hoping desperately to find the perfect item you forgot you owned – you’d probably have enough time to sleep in for an entire day. Such is the drama that plays out morning after morning in apartments with minimal space for clothing storage.

Proper clothing storage can scrub this drama from your life, add time to your morning and keep your clothing in just-purchased condition. At Manhattan Mini Storage, we specialize in providing just the storage unit – and storage shelves and racks – you need to maximize your wardrobe and your life.


“If it’s all in my closet, then I’ll have it when I need it.”

Nope. See above.

Just because it’s in your over-stuffed closet doesn’t mean you’re going to remember it’s there – or where you put it. Thus, it’s really not more convenient to keep every item of clothing you own within arm’s reach. If you remove from your closet and drawers the items you won’t wear – the hideous holiday sweater from your aunt, the thong bikini for that Ibiza vacation you’re never going to take, the UGGs that you bought on a whim but are just too expensive to throw away – you’ll have room to actually know what items of clothing you own… because you can actually see them.

That can also apply to clothing you love but only wear seasonally – your favorite sweater your aunt gave you, that fierce thong bikini that motivates you to save your pennies for the Ibiza vacation, those UGGs you bought that keep your tootsies warm in the winter. If you wear these items – but only three to five months of the year – then they should only be in your closet three to five months of the year.


“But clothing in storage gets all musty and wrinkly.”

Again, nope.

If you take the time to properly clean, fold and store your clothing items at Manhattan Mini Storage, they’ll be in the exact same shape when you fish them out as they were when you packed them away. Additionally,  we offer specific clothing-related storage accessories, such as hat and dress boxes, hanging bags, shelving units and rolling racks.


We can also offer you some simple guidelines to help preserve the pristine quality of your favorite parka during those sweltering summer months:rolling rack with shelf

1. Clean everything you’re going to put in storage: Don’t leave that mustard stain until the spring. Not only will it become a permanent part of your favorite blouse, but there’s a chance it will stain other items you’ve stored.

2. Pack clothing tightly: Consider buying a Pliio ( or craft a do-it-yourself folding tool, and use it to reduce the size of your shirts and pants. Then, pack them tightly together in a box with little to no room between items. If you’re storing clothing for long periods of time (like a wedding dress) take a moment to research the best way to maintain the integrity of the garment (for example, lining a suitcase or garment bag with acid-free tissue paper, which can add a level of protection).

3. Hang your clothes: For more delicate items, consider hanging them in air-tight clothing bags on one of our new clothing racks (shown right).

Need a few more ideas? Here are some other helpful clothing storage hints:


“But my clothes will be so far away!”

Once again… nope. Seriously, who is feeding you these lies?

Manhattan Mini Storage facilities are everywhere. We have 17 locations from Battery Park to Inwood and many points in between. Most facilities are open 24 hour, and all are open 365 days a year. So if after careful consideration you decide at the last minute that you must wear that leather onesie Halloween costume to a 4th of July party… no problem.

But we definitely encourage careful consideration.