Today we were surfing Apartment Therapy (because it’s Friday, and we just need to) and we started drooling over the photos of this apartment. Located in The Cherokee, old tenement buildings built at the turn of last century off 77th Street in New York City, the historic apartment has a unique charm all its own. From an oven with no temperature gauges to build-date era furniture, and something called a “pie safe,” this Yorktown apartment is such a fascinating look at the era’s amenities of choice.

As you look through the pictures, including more on the tenants Flickr page, one thing you won’t see in it are a ton of clothes laying about – and all we had to do was scroll down to Apartment Therapy’s comments section to see why:

My shoes are mostly in a shallow Rubbermaid container under the bed and it slides in & out. (We absolutely have a well-utilized Manhattan Mini-Storage unit for our off-season clothes.)

We’re tipping our hats to Julie, Cherokee tenant, for being a smart cookie who knows that seasonal wardrobe storage is a must for many New Yorkers. In New York City we have distinct weather (and shopping habits) that make it near impossible to keep all the clothes you own in your closet year round – at least not if you want the doors to close. Some people choose to display their clothes around their room on racks but as Julie proves, that means you seriously cut down on design possibilities! Seasonal wardrobe storage means you can keep your winter coats out of view during heat waves and linen dresses won’t crowd out your wool sweaters during January’s darker days. Feeling guilty about having too many clothes that you need seasonal wardrobe storage? Don’t sweat it! Early 20th century New Yorkers could make do with tiny closets and a shoe count in the single digits, but they also didn’t have a Barneys annual Warehouse Sale and Manolo Blahnik wasn’t even born yet!