It’s a fact—New Yorkers work harder than anyone else. We thrive on competition and live for the hustle. After all, Sinatra wasn’t just whistling Dixie when he sang, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” And no industry has its collective nose closer to the grindstone than the city’s marketers, salespeople and PR professionals.

These mad men and women are in charge of making people actually pay attention to whatever products or services they’re championing—from software to socks to slinkies. It’s their job to make you want whatever it is they have to offer.

And what’s the best way to connect with the hearts and minds of prospective consumers? With branded poker chips, customized digital forks for the grill and other logo-emblazoned swag to delight your audience and fulfill their latent desire for random free tchotchke goodness.


But as every marketing, PR and sales pro will tell you, there’s a dark side to all those custom trucker hats and swag bags. Mainly… where do marketers keep them once they get them? Because before you know it, your whole office is swimming in pens, stuffed animals and animal-shaped erasers, making it nearly impossible to get your actual job done.

And that’s where we step in! We’ve got great storage options for communications and sales teams to open up your office space and keep all your swag, sales sheets and samples in their place.


A home for your all your collateral. You can’t be an effective salesperson without the right materials to leave behind, which means that you need an army of brochures, one-pagers, postcards and more at your fingertips. But instead of piling boxes upon boxes of collateral throughout the office, why not keep them organized and accessible in a nearby storage unit instead? Run a large print order, leave them with us, and then replenish your in-office stock every couple of weeks. Your space-loving colleagues will thank you!

Store your samples. Free trial samples are still an indispensable tool for getting people to love your product, but keeping those samples stuffed in a company closet can really cramp your style. Our safe, temperature-controlled rooms are the perfect place to stash your precious product samples.

And of course, stash your swag! From company vests and water bottles to seasonal stress relievers for your most uptight clients, you need to find a secure place for your free goodies. Why? Because we’ve seen it before—all that awesome merchandise is hard to keep tabs on, and the next thing you know, your swag inventory has dwindled down to nothing… just in time for the big event you bought them for. Keep them controlled and ready to go when you need them by giving them a storage home of their own.
Give your awesome sales and marketing goodies a place to live, and enjoy your extra space and newfound inventory control!


Got a favorite piece of swag you’d like to share with us? Let us know… we’re always on the look-out for a cool, new thing to pop our Manhattan Mini Storage logo onto. Now, bring on the branded fortune cookies!