De-Clutter Organization Ad Do have a generalized, jittery feeling when you’re at home? Never able to relax and feel all Zen and in-the-moment and all that jazz? It’s not because you don’t have the proper scented candles or the appropriately tuned meditation bells; chances are, it’s because your apartment is as cluttered as your brain. (And we know from cluttered brains over here.)


Study after study has shown a correlation between a cluttered space and an inability to relax and focus. According to a study conducted by the Princeton University of Neuroscience Institute, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, when multiple stimuli compete for “neural representation,” it leads to the “limited processing capacity of the visual system.”


Essentially, that means that when too many things in your space jockey for attention, your brain is like a hungry little kid in a candy shop who can’t decide which treat to lay into first. All the visual possibilities in your environment make you distracted and unable to process information. And fidgety. And cranky. And inefficient. And other things that make an already stressful city life even more stressful.


Which is why we are declaring 2015 the Year of Ahhhhhhhhh-Some – the year that distracted New Yorkers simplify, pare down and put the “om” back in home. And the best way to  start is by storing those doo-dads that are slowly driving you mad. Because while we may not be able to help you with your cluttered brain, we can definitely help you with your cluttered space. Which is why we are thinking of coining the tagline “Storage—cheaper than Prozac and just as effective.”


So, here’s how to start transforming your apartment from frenetic freakshow to relax-a-palooza in three easy steps:


Mini Storage Racks and ShelvesStep One—The Reckoning

Take a good, hard look at your place. Are you still providing safe harbor for your high school letter jacket? How about those epic journals full of confessional poetry from college? Yes? Then, please proceed to step two.


Step Two—The Boxing

Now is when you take your letter jacket, your journals, your letters from your first love at summer camp in the Berkshires or wherever… and put them in a box. Together. Consolidated. Add to this the random posters, decorations, semi-ironic Barbies and other toys… and put them in a box. Rinse. Repeat.


Step Three—The Storing

You have some options here, but all of them revolve around removing said boxes and putting them in storage. Why? Because you’re going to want to read those letters and pass down that letter jacket and those semi-ironic Barbies and other toys that could be worth a pretty penny someday. So don’t toss them, store them. We’ll make it as easy and painless as possible, with our world-famous Storage Taxi to get you there, and even a free move for those who qualify.


An added bonus? Instead of making your New Year’s resolution something ridiculous like losing weight or finally learning how to play “Stairway to Heaven” on your guitar, this is something you can do quickly and easily that will ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. Are you ready? Yes? Excellent. Be sure to let us know how it goes… and happy New Year, New Yorkers!