Check out these tips for De-Cluttering and Organizing your Bathroom

By this time, we can only hope that your Spring Cleaning binge has left the “big item” bits of your apartment uncluttered and cleansed. Now it’s time to go beyond the bedroom. Specifically, it’s time to tackle your bathroom so your bathroom doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret anymore!

What Does Your Loo Say About You?

Nothing says more about a city dweller like the state of their bathroom. Which brings us to the question – what does your loo say about you?

Consider this, all you single urbanites – a manky, nasty bathroom is a turnoff to both sexes. This is the room where you keep yourself clean, so it doesn’t say much for your overall hygiene if the shower where you scrub yourself hasn’t itself been scrubbed since the Clinton administration.

The good news is that your bathroom is most likely the smallest room in your apartment, so you can whip it into shape in one fell swoop.  We advocate the one, two punch of de-clutter and disinfect. Let’ do this thing!

Step One: De-Clutter Those Toiletries

The bathroom is a magnet for sad, expired and otherwise useless products. Case in point – that cellulite fighting lotion that did nothing but turn your thighs an alarming shade of pink. Listen up and listen good – LET IT GO. NOW! Here’s how:

  • Go through your medicines: throw out anything expired including over the counter and prescriptions.
  • Reorganize the make-up: do you really need the purple white lighting nail polish from 11th grade? The half-melted lipstick? Oh, and that mascara has a shelf life, you know. So, if it hasn’t made you pretty-pretty in the last six months, say adios.
  • It doesn’t make scents: Just ‘cause grandma gives you an economy-sized bottle of White Shoulders/Old Spice every Christmas doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Re-gift it to your least favorite roommate, neighbor, whoever. But make it go away.
  • Hair today, gone tomorrow: Listen, that super duper nuclear hold styling paste you bought in 2007 when you were planning on rekindling your punk rock youth? Yeah, well…that didn’t happen and it’s probably for the best. Toss it or give it to your younger, hipper, insanely irritating coworker.
  • Just…can’t…let…go?: Like comfort food and David Hasselhoff, there are some addictions that just can’t be broken. If you insist on keeping your favorite Junior High hairbrush or that threadbare Ren and Stimpy bath towel, maybe it is time to get yourself some closet storage.

Step Two: Clean it Like You Mean it!

Once you’ve decided what stays and what goes, gather everything you’re keeping in a big box of goodness and get it out of the bathroom. Hey, quit your whining – this is serious spring cleaning, people! You’ve got to get at that first layer of nasty or else all your hard work is for naught!

Now grab your favorite scrubbing bubbles and disinfectants (or go green and get out your white vinegar and baking soda) and get to cleaning! You’ll want to:

  • Scrub the tub (if you’re lucky enough to have one)
  • Clean the toilet
  • Shine the mirrors
  • Clean the tiles
  • Clean the sink
  • Dust the shelves and clean inside your drawers
  • Wipe down the medicine cabinet
  • Wipe down the wood work and moldings
  • Wash the bathmats
  • Soak the shower curtain (or better yet, spring for a new one!)
  • Wash the windows

Don’t forget to wash the curtains, shine the lights, dust off the blinds…basically you want to clean every single surface and area. Start from the top and work your way down to the floor and once you get there, get on your hands and knees with a bucket and a scrub brush and go to town like the newly minted clean freak that you are!

And once you’re done, take yourself out for a little retail therapy in the form of bathroom organizers or a shiny new storage unit.

All right, folks – we’re not done with you yet! Stay tuned for another installment of our Spring Cleaning frenzy: Cooking in the Kitchen!