Does your apartment need an intervention? Get tough love and righteous tips from professional organizers extraordinaire.

Step One – Admit There is a Problem

Spring cleaning fever Let us start by saying, you are a good person. A kind and generous type, nice to kids, the elderly and your weird Uncle Earl. However, your apartment fills people with the kind of anxiety usually inspired by IRS audits or root canals.

Look around. Is your main source of lighting the flashing of Christmas lights on a sad, withered tree? Are you using a stack of shoeboxes as your computer desk? Do you try to pass off that towering pile of partially full bathroom products a ridiculously priced piece of modern art?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then You. Have. A. Problem. So, do us a favor – take a deep, cleansing breath, and prepare to perform a minor exorcism on your apartment…welcome to the Rite of Spring Cleaning.

Step Two –  Seek Professional Help. (Oh, Wait…You Found It!)

Congratulations! You made it to the part of today’s ramblings where we give you Really, Really Good Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros. Learn ‘em, love ‘em, live ‘em.

The One Touch Rule. Once you pick an item up, don’t just stare off into space and ponder the greater meaning of material possessions – DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Don’t put it down until you decide if it is trash or treasure.

Spring cleaning; getting rid of your clutterIf It’s Trash…toss it. Shred it. Do a little voodoo and burn it along with an effigy of that jerk professor that gave you a B in Comparative Literature. Be unrelentingly merciless! Do not let that freeloading piece of good-for-nothing-waste-of-space take up any more of your precious oxygen. (Note: this also applies to boyfriends who say things like “be a good girl and bring me a beer”.)

Not Trash, Not Treasure…Score some major karma points and donate it to a good cause. Drop off your donations at Manhattan Mini Storage and we’ll pass it along to Partnership for the Homeless or International Rescue Committee, two of the amazing charities we work with.

Yarrr…That Be Treasure!… Take a lesson from the pirates – you worked hard to build up your booty, so why not stash it somewhere safe? If it doesn’t fit in your place and you are woefully lacking in possession of a small Caribbean island upon which to bury it, may we suggest storing your loot in one of our fabulous self-storage units.

Using the methodology above, move around your apartment from one corner to the next, one wall at a time. Work your way around the room and de-clutter your life.  Once you finish one area, step back and take a second to enjoy it. Doesn’t that clean springy feeling make you feel motivated to move on? If it does great!

Once your trash is tossed, our items donated, and your cherished treasures stored, you can start to think about cleaning the layer of apartment underneath!

Next Spring Cleaning Tip: Tackle that Bathroom! So, come on back…. we’re not done with you yet…