Spring has sprung! FINALLY! Didn’t it feel like it took forever this year, what with all the frigid weather? The good news is, we’re looking at a far more seasonable week ahead. Check out the forecast.

Warmer weather aside, spring is a time of renewal. And for millions of New Yorkers, that means the chance to shake off the winter dust and turn your apartment into a cleaner, classier, more comfortable place to live. It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as extensive as rearranging every piece of furniture into a new and better position. But for many, the key to enjoying the seasons is some good-old-fashioned spring cleaning and storage. You won’t need those heavy winter coats or blankets for at least another six months. And those Christmas decorations under the bed? Yeah — time to find a better place for them, too.

Manhattan Mini Storage is always here to help you come up with the perfect storage plan, whether it’s a Personal Closet (4 X 4 X 5) or something larger, like one of our small rooms (4 x 4 x 8). Our storage advisors are always eager to help, so why not give them a call at 212-STORAGE, or just visit the web site.

And by the way — comfort and convenience aren’t the only reasons to undertake some serious spring cleaning. The Huffington Post has some great real-life examples of people making serious cash after uncovering buried treasures in their own homes — from $800 cash to a vintage Mortal Combat video game (pictured below)!

So what are you waiting for? Get your spring started now. And enjoy the fresh air!